Charming Elkhart Lake

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I was greeted by so many friendly faces upon my arrival to the Osthoff Resort.  The Osthoff sits quaintly on the shore of Elkhart Lake, surrounded by the beautiful woods of Kettle Moraine.  We met Lola Roeh, general manager of The Osthoff, who gave us a wonderful tour, teaching us the deep history of the Resort.  Can you believe that the original Osthoff Resort opened its doors in 1886?

The charming Osthoff is a perfect complement to the pleasant village of Elkhart Lake.  Our tour ended with a trolling pontoon ride around the spectacular lake.  Elkhart Lake, known for its crystal clear water and wooded shoreline, made for the perfect setting for a boat ride – one of my favorite pastimes.  It was also a great activity on such a muggy Wisconsin evening!

On the morning of our 52nd walk, we were joined by more than 60 visitors who were eager to walk!  We met along the brick paver path, which sits just between the Osthoff Resort and Elkhart Lake.  I had seen so many visitors walking the path the evening before, and was excited to see where it led!  We embarked on our walk, heading towards downtown Elkhart Lake.  I walked past so many charming storefronts, delicious smelling homemade waffle cones in a cute ice cream shop, and welcoming Vollrath Park, which sits right in the center of town.  By-passers warmly greeted our large group with friendly waves and “hello’s.”

Our walk ended back on the beach shore of Elkhart Lake where all of our friendly walkers and I enjoyed homemade granola bars courtesy of Kelly Sadiq.  Dr. Grace Hameister also provided apples and refreshing lemon water with special vitamins to re-fuel us after the walk.  A special thanks to Kathleen Eichoff, Elkhart Lake Tourism & Chamber of Commerce and Alan Rudnick, Village Board President, for their assistance with coordinating our walk and promoting our event where I made so many new friends!  I am eagerly looking forward to my next visit to Elkhart Lake!