Enjoying Wisconsin's History in Cassville

Friday, July 13, 2018

What a beautiful day in Cassville! I’m so glad the heat and humidity didn’t stop anyone from joining us at the Stonefield Historic Site!

We started our walk in the Visitors Center, where we learned that Stonefield was originally the estate of Nelson Dewey, Wisconsin’s first governor. The site is full of amazing historic buildings, and the Agricultural Museum stands on the foundations of the old sheep barn! We were joined for our walk around the site by Girl Scout Troop 7445 and the wonderful Stonefield staff from the Wisconsin Historic Society. It was a treat to meet fellow Mercy High School alumna Jane Bernhardt – she graduated in 1941 but still loves to stay active!

We walked across a delightful covered bridge from the Farmstead to the Village, which has a historic church, shops, and even a confectionary! At the confectionary we beat the heat with some delicious ice cream in Stonefield’s official flavor – caramel apple with cheddar cheese!

At the end of our walk, we stopped by Governor Dewey’s original home. Governor Dewey was the one to coin our state’s motto, Forward! Guess who else used that motto?

I hope to come back this fall for Stonefield’s famous Halloween celebration!