Fall in St. Germain

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Despite the wet weather, the fall colors in St. Germain were absolutely gorgeous for our last walk of 2016.  St. Germain is an excellent tourist destination in Wisconsin anytime of year, and I am so glad I had the chance to visit.  I want to thank Penny Wiesmann from the St. Germain Chamber of Commerce and Cindy Burzinski from Vilas County Tourism for all the work they did to make my stay so special!

On Monday, I was able to make a few stops around St. Germain, and discover just a few of the wonderful places it has to offer.  We had a lovely visit to a cute tea shop, called Green Rich Tea.  Owners Shanna & Nori explained the proper way to pour tea and let us try a few special flavors.  Each of us took a fun tea quiz, which tested our knowledge on tea.  Shanna and Nori also teach “Tea Academy” classes, where guests can come and learn everything there is to know about tea.  It was a lot of fun, and I learned so many interesting facts!  

Later, we got to visit Arrowhead Groomers, where owners Dave and Judy Walker explained the snowmobile dreg industry and how they operate a small business in the Northwoods.  It was wonderful to hear about all the work that they do and how it benefits the community. 

We also had the time to stop by Jackson’s Lodge Resort.  Buffy, Ken, and Tom Jackson showed us around the Lodge, which has been in their family for over 100 years.  It was so great to hear about the family ties and connections they have made over the years, and the thriving business they have in northern Wisconsin.  The Jackson’s treated us to a boat ride around Little Saint Germain Lake where we learned more about their business and got to see the beautiful fall colors!

That evening, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Golden Pines Restaurant in St. Germain.  We had a great time getting to know many of the people we met that day.  Dinner was absolutely perfect, and I enjoyed spending time with everyone that joined me!

On Tuesday, despite some rain showers, we ventured out for the 55th Walk with Walker!  I was so happy to be joined by many people from the community, as well as the 4th grade class at the St. Germain Elementary School.  Before we got started, everyone enjoyed snacks and water donated to us by Camp’s Sentry Foods.  Thankfully, the rain stayed away as we made our way along the Awassa Trail.  The fall colors throughout the forest were absolutely gorgeous and made our walk so enjoyable.  Along the way, our guide Anne Small shared so much information with us, including what kinds of mushrooms are safe to eat in the woods.  It was a great morning, and I am so glad I had the chance to walk and chat with so many different people from St. Germain!

Another special thanks to everyone who helped plan the last walk of 2016 and made it so special.   We had a great year of walks, and I appreciate all the wonderful people at Tourism who help to plan each walk.  Thanks to everyone who has walked with me this year, I hope to see you again on the trail in 2017!