Rolling Out the Red Carpet in Beloit

Thursday, August 25, 2016

What a way to celebrate the 53rd Walk! Beloit certainly rolled out the red carpet for us, everything was absolutely wonderful.  Big thanks to Secretary Stephanie Klett for making her hometown the best walk yet! 

When I arrived at Beckman Mill, I was impressed with its charm and natural beauty. I was greeted by over 70 eager participants, all ready to enjoy the warm summer day.  I had a chance to visit with so many local folks; it was great meeting so many people.  Secretary Klett welcomed everyone to Beloit, and we were ready to get started.  

Our walk began along a beautiful wooded path, leading us onto a pier stretching out into the mill pond.  It was a picturesque view of the mill, and everyone took their turn to go out and see the scenery.  As we walked, I could tell that the Mill was a hidden gem of Wisconsin, like so many other wonderful spots we have visited. 

Our path eventually led us back to the pavilion where we stopped to grab some apples, granola bars, and cold water to keep us cool on that hot summer day all donated by Woodman's of Beloit. We then made our way towards the historic mill, where everyone got to enjoy a tour.  We saw photos of the incredible restoration project that The Friends of Beckman Mill took on, bringing the mill back to life.  They demonstrated the milling process, and we learned how the corn or other grain is ground down, filtered, and packaged.  It really was a special tour, and made our walk that much better! 

Big thanks again to Secretary Klett, for making her hometown of Beloit one to remember. Also, this walk would not have been possible without the efforts of Celestino Ruffini and his team at Visit Beloit, as well as the entire Friends of Beckman Mill group. Thanks to all who came--hope to see you in Sparta in September!