Small Town Fun in Boscobel

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What a lovely day in Boscobel! Wisconsin River Outings was kind enough to host the start of our walk along the Wisconsin River Trail. We had a great turnout! The River Trail is really beautiful, and it’s a nice easy walk for people of all ages.

Boscobel Elementary School was kind enough to provide us a water station at the end of the River Trail, and their district administrator Greg Bell even gave me a quick tour! We got to see so much of the town on the second half of our walk. We stopped into a great local coffee shop called Timer Lane, which has a back patio that’s great for relaxing. Next, we headed to the Depot Museum for a little Wisconsin railroad hstory. Did you know the Depot Museum building has been around almost as long as Wisconsin has been a state? It’s a great place to visit, especially when the Farmers Market is set up right outside! I got some fresh Wisconsin cheese curds, a state classic!

We had a great day visiting Boscobel, and I hope I can come back and see the Wisconsin River Trail again when its last phase is finished!