Sunny Superior

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I can hardly believe it! Walk number 48 is marked in the records, and it was a great one! Since we were so far north in Superior, we expected this to be a chilly walk! But, the sun came out and treated us to a beautiful day for a walk through the Superior Municipal Forest!

When we arrived at the Millennium Trailhead, I was delighted to be greeted by not only the wonderful people from the local Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Bruce Hagen and his wife Lois, but also over 150 students from Cathedral School in Superior! The kids were absolutely wonderful! Before we started the walk, many of them explained to me how they knew the trail very well and had been there many times for school. I was so glad to hear how often the students were able to get out and explore the paths in the Forest with their friends and families.

As we walked along, I was able to talk with so many energetic kids! I loved hearing all of their little stories and answering questions they came up with along the way. We were all so lucky to be joined by Mary Morgan, the Director of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry. The path led to a beautiful outdoor classroom, where all of the students and I got the chance to sit and listen to Mary. She talked to the students about the various plants and animals in the Superior Municipal Forest. It was so nice to have the chance to see the kids learn a little more about the Forest! After Mary spoke, we walked along a little further before turning around. Principal Carr led all of us in a lovely prayer in thanks for the beautiful day, and then we made our way back!

From there, we were able to visit the Richard Bong Veterans Historical Center. We watched a short film and walked through exhibits from the World War II era through the Vietnam War. The Center serves as a great tribute to our veterans. Speaking with a veteran there, Clinton, and learning more history from the museum curator, Breanna, made the whole visit was a humbling experience.

We got to visit the gorgeous Fairlawn Mansion, which looks right out at Lake Superior. The house was incredible, and our tour guide Pat provided us with great stories and history of the house from its time as the Pattison family home in the 1800s to an orphanage until the 1960s. The staff at the museum, Stacie and Sara, was wonderful hosts and had lots of fun facts about the house.  

Overall, it was a beautiful day in northern Wisconsin, and I am so thankful to everyone who came out to join me on my walk through the Superior Municipal Forest! I also would like to say a special thanks to the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau such as Brittany Berrens, Dave Minor, and Taylor Pederson who kind enough to join us on our walk. It was so great to talk to each of them and learn more about beautiful Superior, Wisconsin! Thank you to everyone who made this Walk with Walker a success!!

Our 50th walk is fast approaching, so make sure to keep an eye out—I’m sure it will be the best yet!