• Three days of waterfalls, beaches, hills

    Phew! I just finished up a three-day Walk with Walker WAY up north in Mellen, Madeline Island and Hayward, WI. All of the parks we visited and walked were spectacular!

    Our first walk was a 1.7-mile loop on “The Doughboys’ Trail” in Copper Falls State Park. We all gathered at the parks concession stand before hitting the trail. Ben Bergey, our trail guide, led us down a cobble stone path onto the trail and immediately started explaining the rich history behind the park and trail. The trails and bridges in the park were built by returning WWI veterans, nicknamed “Doughboys,” before the land was officially a state park. As we continued on the trail, following the Bad River and Tyler Forks, the views of the falls and cascades were breathtaking. You could definitely see how the park was named “Copper Falls.” It was fascinating to learn how the pouring lava resulted in such beautiful falls and rock formations. We had to brave some steep, scary stairs to see all of the spectacular views, but it was so worth it!  

    Tue, 06/18/2013

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  • "Trailing" through the Northwoods

    I always say “rain or shine we will walk,” but I am so glad that the bad weather held off for our two-day walk up north. I wish I could say the same about the mosquitos. I sprayed myself head-to-toe with bug spray – twice!

    We set out on an early evening walk from the boat landing at Bradley Park in Tomahawk. As we walked the winding shores of Lake Mohawksin we saw lush greenery and many turtles “sun bathing” on logs. Lake Mohawksin, part of the Wisconsin River system, was named after three rivers. “Mo” from the Somo River, “hawk” from the Tomahawk River and “sin” from the Wisconsin River. The trail was a bit hilly at some points, but we had many young walkers that joined us from the Kinship Care program so they had plenty of energy to tackle the steep parts! They also had the idea to venture out on a dock – as you’ll see in the photos – that most of us adults weren’t so sure about. Representative Mary Czaja also joined us on the walk, which was so nice of her! 

    Fri, 05/24/2013

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  • Fresh air, wind in the hair

    Brr! We were welcomed to Baraboo this morning by chilly winds and an overcast sky. I was so excited to kick-off my first walk this year, and pleasantly surprised at the group of people who came out to walk with me along the River Walk trail. We had about 40 people to take on the 2-mile walk.  

    As you may already know, my father passed away on Easter Sunday. Being able to continue this walk as planned was a great way to honor my dad. Our walk was a nice, even route alongside the Baraboo River. There were several benches along the trail so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views. I especially loved the sound of the flowing river and chirping Cardinals. There may still be snow on the ground, but the Cardinals were a sure sign of Spring! Along the trail we saw a couple of deer too!

    Mon, 04/08/2013

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  • Surprisingly Sunny in Stevens Point!

    I was pleasantly surprised with an absolutely gorgeous, sunny, calm, and relatively warm day for this last walk of 2012 – it was the perfect way to end a year of walking all throughout this beautiful state!

    We gathered at the Stevens Point Visitors Center before heading across the street to begin our walk at the trailhead of the Green Circle State Trail. Even with the leaves mostly all fallen, it was a beautiful trail. I can’t even imagine how nice it is during summer and the peak of fall!

    Wed, 11/21/2012

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  • October Glory

    We just wrapped up another fabulous fall walk, this time at the UW Arboretum in Madison, which really took us into a unique piece of Wisconsin’s history. As you can see, the colors were amazing, but after walking the grounds I am certain the Arboretum is beautiful all year round!

    We were led by the Arboretum’s naturalist, Kathy, who was incredibly knowledgeable. It was a treat to have her guiding us and teaching us about the plants, history, and ongoing maintenance of the land. One of the most interesting pieces of information Kathy shared with us was that in June of 1934, this land became the world’s first to be restored to its natural state of prairie vegetation and wildlife!

    Tue, 10/16/2012

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  • Beautiful places and friendly places

    I was looking forward to seeing some fall foliage on my trip up north, but didn’t expect anything like the spectrum of colors we saw!  My walk along the Wolf River State Trail offered a great place to enjoy the breathtaking, natural beauty of fall in Wisconsin, and I was lucky enough to share the walk with some of the friendliest people in Forest County — and as usual, a few furry friends too!  

    We started our walk right where the Wolf River State Trail begins in the quaint city of Crandon.  The trail, which was once an old railroad corridor, offered a wide path perfect for enjoying some great conversation with the locals who joined me. The scenery was spectacular, and I loved hearing stories about how the city and trail come alive during the winter months with snowmobilers, ATV’s, and other winter sports. 

    Fri, 10/05/2012

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  • La Salle Falls – A hidden gem!

    A brisk fall morning greeted me on Friday, as did many locals at the Florence County Visitors Center, who were eager for a walk on the La Salle Falls Trail!  After taking a look at our trail on an electronic map at the center, we had a quick drive down a dirt road, and were then ready to go at the trail head. Since I had to postpone this walk last month because of my appendicitis, I was even more excited to get started and experience the much anticipated 22-foot falls that awaited us!

    Getting to the falls was no easy feat – our rustic trail wove up and down through thick woods. I was hoping to see some wildlife, but we were having so much fun and were such a chatty group, we probably scared anything away!

    Fri, 10/05/2012

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  • A visit to "Old Baldy"

    Well I had been looking forward to walking in Door County since even before Walk with Walker became an official initiative, and I certainly was not disappointed!

    We began the visit to Door County with a walk in Whitefish Dunes State Park, and I was thrilled to be joined by Scott for this walk! He was in the area for an event earlier in the day, and he made time to come and join me. Everyone was happy to have him there, especially me!

    Mon, 07/23/2012

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  • A rainy adventure to Rock Island

    I always tell people that Walk with Walker takes place in rain or shine, and we certainly proved ourselves with this rainy adventure to Rock Island!

    After a hot and humid, but sunny day at Whitefish Dunes State Park, we woke up on Thursday morning to clouds, rain, and a wet, chilly breeze for our walk on Rock Island State Park. We hopped aboard the Washington Island Ferry at the Northport Pier and rode it through “Death’s Door” to Washington Island where the adorable “Cherry Train” picked up our group to transport us across the island. We made a few stops along the way, including a stop at the Danish Mill Bakery for coffee, and an impressive Scandinavian style church that was built entirely by people from the island, using only wood and materials from the island itself!

    Mon, 07/23/2012

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  • Beautiful, sunny Geneva Lake!

    As Secretary Stephanie Klett said today, when we were planning these Walk with Walker events, we had days exactly like today in mind! It was a clear and sunny 75-degrees, and a perfect day to be outside enjoying the beauty of Lake Geneva and the Shoreline Path around Geneva Lake!

    A good-sized group of walkers completed a 2.5-mile stretch of the full 21-mile trail before boarding the “Dutchess,” courtesy of Gage Marine and Lake Geneva Cruise Line, for a 40-minute guided tour of the lake and the homes that surround it. “Captain Hawk” shared all kinds of fascinating history with us about the famous “mail-boat,” former mansion owners, and all of the effort it took to run some of those homes.

    Thu, 06/14/2012

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