• We Beat the Heat in Cable!

    When I started Walk with Walker, I knew I wanted to get up north during the summer months so it wouldn’t be too cold for a walk. I sure got what I was hoping for!

    Around seventy-five walkers and I braved the 90 degree heat today to enjoy an absolutely fabulous trail in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest near Cable, Wisconsin. We had plenty of water and shade and successfully completed a 1.1-mile loop on the Forest Lodge Nature Trail.

    Wed, 07/20/2011

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  • A Successful First Walk at High Cliff!

    We had a fabulous time on Saturday at High Cliff State Park! We hiked the 1.5-mile Forest Management Trail at a leisurely pace and were privileged to be guided by the Park Superintendent, Carolyn Morgen. She did a wonderful job showing the difference between managed and unmanaged woodlots and explaining the benefits of managing your own woodlot!

    Mon, 06/06/2011

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  • Welcome to Walk With Walker Blog!

    Please check back often for information on when and where the next organized Walk with Walker event will be, new blog entries about site visits, seasonal tips on healthy eating, updates on local walks in your own communities, and some surprises along the way!

    Thu, 05/19/2011

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