Wellness Weekend

Be active, be connected, be informed, and be part of your community

Wellness Weekend is the extension of the Year of Well-Being, which Governor Scott Walker declared in 2013. The year focused on four main areas of well-being: be active, be connected, be informed, and be part of your community. First Lady Tonette Walker decided to make the Year of Well-Being a continued focus each year.

“There are many ways people can improve their well-being. Over the next four years, we will focus on four areas: being active to encourage people to move whenever possible, being connected to engage with those around you, being informed to understand what is best for your own health, and being a part of your community to offer your time to better the place you live,” said Mrs. Walker.

"Throughout this year, we will take the opportunity to tap into the resources that state agencies have already taken the time to develop.  This year is meant to be a chance to delve deeper into being well whenever possible.  It is an opportunity to remember to take the stairs instead of the elevator or turn the TV off during family dinners.  The hope is Wisconsinites will become informed about their health and take a look at their nutritional habits, while also taking the time to better their communities."

“We want to make Wisconsin the best place to live and work in the country,” said Governor Walker.  “Promoting the overall well-being of Wisconsinites is integral to helping people live prosperous and successful lives.”