Anja Busse

December, 2015

Anja Busse is the founder of Boxes of Joy, a non-profit organization designed to support and encourage children with Type 1 diabetes. Anja began to volunteer her time when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2013 at age eleven. Through Boxes of Joy, Anja sends out handmade cards and packages to children struggling with diabetes. Now, at the age of thirteen, she has reached out to hundreds of children across the world to support them in dealing diabetes. Furthermore, Anja has been an advocate for children in the diabetic community. She started a petition with American Girl to request that they begin to make and sell diabetic accessories for their dolls. Anja also speaks at school groups and other local gatherings to educate more people on Type 1 diabetes, speaks out in regards to legislation supporting diabetics, and started a blog to share with other children. Anja has committed herself to serving other children struggling with diabetes each day.

For Anja Busse’s ability to overcome obstacles she has faced and give back to other children despite adversities, she is awarded the December Wisconsin Heroes Award.