Barb Bigalke

August, 2017

For over 10 years, Barb has dedicated her life to suicide prevention. Barb created HOPELINE, a 24/7 emotional support texting service that is now used in schools, business, and medical facilities across the state. HOPELINE has created a way for people to address the everyday stress they face, whether it be suicidal ideation, bullying, trafficking, drug use, domestic violence, divorce, or any other topic. When there is a tragedy in the community, local police departments turn to Barb for advice. When a school is affected, Barb is the first one they call to work with the students and staff to process the event and move forward. HOPELINE and the Center for Suicide Awareness work hard to ensure that no one feels along or feels that suicide is their only option. Through it all, Bard has maintained an unmatched level of positivity and enthusiasm. Her hopefulness is infectious, and despite some funding issues and the stigma surrounding suicide awareness,