Gregory "Doc" Harrington

August, 2015

Gregory J. "Doc" Harrington has been active in leadership roles in Scout Troop 61, most years as scoutmaster. He served as a junior leader when he was young and has been scoutmaster for a total of 48 years. Through the years, he has taken the lead in building morale among the boys and the adult leaders. One morale builder has been the dinners he regularly hosts - victory dinners for leaders on the night they return from summer camp. From the youngest to the most senior troop members, he has extended personal interest marked by compassion, clarity, and appreciation of effort and collaboration. High Adventure trips for the Junior Leaders and some of the senior leaders have been another innovation that has brought participants to destinations as varied as Maine and Nova Scotia to Florida to the Canadian Rockies and to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota and Ontario. The planning is daunting, but Doc sees it through as director and coordinator.

All of this effort and generosity has been a hitherto unrecognized highlight of his good citizenship in the Badger State, not just in helping boys and young men to become responsible citizens, but also in acting as a role model for all of them.

For Doc’s dedication to the needs of his community, he was awarded the August 2015 Wisconsin Heroes Award.