Mark Muench

June, 2013
Beechwood, Wisconsin

Mark has dedicated his entire life to his hometown. He is a third generation firefighter and has been a member of the Beechwood Volunteer Fire Department since 1974. He has also served as a First Responder for 28 years and as Fire Chief for the past 21 years. He worked for the Town of Scott for 21 years as a road foreman. Whether it is plowing snow, fixing potholes, or mowing ditches, he takes great pride in a job well done. Mark approaches both of his roles with pride, dedication, and heart. Mark is the person out-of-town families call to check on their elderly loved ones in the winter to make sure they are okay. In his role of Fire Chief, Mark is always hands-on. He is beside his men when there are hoses to be rolled up, trucks to be washed, and generators to be repaired. On a fire scene, he puts the safety of his men first. Throughout the years, he has put in countless hours maintaining equipment and writing grant requests to update old equipment. He has received a total of $315,000 through his grant requests. He also involves his family and community in collecting cans to raise funds for scholarships to send children to Burn Camp through the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety. In the beginning, he was able to give $250, and now after five years of his efforts, he is able to give $1,000.

For Muench’s kind efforts and dedication to the Beechwood Volunteer Fire Department, he is presented with the June 2013 Wisconsin Heroes Award.