Vicki Holten

August, 2014
McFarland, WI

Vicki Holten is the co-founder of Shared Table community meal in McFarland, which started in May of 2012. She currently serves on the steering committee and is the meal coordinator for the program. Shared Table serves a free community meal every week on Thursday evening. The program is not just for feeding the hungry, but creating a sense of community. The food is made by a rotating roster of volunteer groups, which is all coordinated by Vicki. These weekly dinners provide food for more than 100 people. Vicki volunteers her time weekly to assist with the dinners, as well as immeasurable hours spent to coordinate the dinners. Vicki is also involved with fundraising efforts for Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Bowl for Kids’ Sake, and she serves on the committee to coordinate McFarland Chocolate Fest.

For Vicki Holten’s ability to repurpose resources in all of the volunteer activities she is involved with to benefit her community, she is awarded the August Wisconsin Heroes Award.