First Lady Tonette Walker

Governor’s mansion decorated for holidays

By Charles Benson of WTMJ
Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Governor's Executive Residence in Madison is all decked out for the holidays.

Governor Walker and his wife Tonette hosted a holiday tour of the mansion for kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Madison.

There are six decorated Christmas Trees for the public to see. There is one in the library called Ode to the Nutcracker.

"This room is kind of special because you can see there is a lot of stuff from the Civil War here and so the nutcrackers, kind of soldiers, fit in very nicely," said Walker.

After a politically divisive year the Governor hopes the holidays can be unifying.

"It's certainly a holiday season, not just Thanksgiving but a holiday season we wish the best of and safe and prosperous one for all the people of Wisconsin," said Walker.

The kids loved the snowman tree, the Governor's favorite is the Stars and Stripes tree - a tribute to Wisconsin's military.

There's a gold star on the tree for every Wisconsin service member killed since 9-11.

"It's a constant reminder how thankful I am to live in a country where we've got men and women of courage who are willing to stand up in cases like this, leave their family for the holidays, to go and protect our freedoms," said Walker.

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